The decision to start a new business or extend and enlarge the existing one is not an easy one. In case Russia is the target place for this makes the decision even more difficult due to negative image of Russia supported worldwide.  But those already doing their business in Russia know that there are great business opportunities for foreigners in Russia and the devil is not so black as he is painted. 

    Don't let prejudices keep you from launching your business in Russia. Let me help you get off to the right start in Russia.

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    The company registration procedure requires serious legal work, which can cause great difficulties for the person who does not have knowledge in this field, and do not have much time to learn this from bitter experience.


    Legal advice and support is an essential service to you if you want to get a quick oral advice or detailed written report with reference to the regulations and articles of law, need personal advice or assistance in negotiating with contractors or interested in specific examples and case studies. 

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Welcome to my site.

My name is Olga Cherkasova and if you visited this site you are searching for legal or tax advice and assistance in doing your existing Russian business or realizing your ideas in start up and development of your business in Russia.

I have more than 18 years experience in legal and tax consulting of Russian and foreign companies and individuals, sole proprietors successfully solving their tasks and problems.

My work history includes work at such big companies as PricewaterhouseCoopers, Huawei Technologies as tax and legal consultant. Being leading lawyer at VISTA Foreign Business Support I provided legal and tax support in different areas from big multinational companies, like GE, Nissan, Oracle, Carrier to small individual businesses and medium companies from different areas of business and of different domicile.

My experience as external and internal legal and tax specialist allowed me to look at the problems simultaneously from different aspects.

My understanding of my mission in consulting is provision practical solutions for Clients for reasonable consideration and I take full responsibility for all I did or advised as there is nothing and nobody I can shift my responsibility to.

Advantages of working with me

A personal approach I provide, along with

  1. a combination of personal approach, legal experience and skills with fluent English (legal English), allowing you not to bother about translators or misunderstanding in collaboration, as well as
  2. availability of our legal services on an urgent basis (so that you could meet deadlines even if they are as short as several hours).