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Contracts and Contractual documentation

In the process of carrying out economic activities any company or enterprise may require contract drafting and analysis of contracts (agreements).

Proper performance of the obligations by the counterparty depends on the conditions of a contract. Never use "agreement templates" at the conclusion of a deal, because each concluded agreement or contract affect your property interests and demands. In this context, the model contracts essentially lose exclusive contract, developed in your best interest, taking into account the specifics of each transaction, as well as relationships with each individual business partner, as the text of the agreement - the result of a compromise reached in the course of business negotiations between the parties. Therefore competent analysis, drafting of an agreement or contract with consideration of your particular situation and possibilities may not be ignored as you risk to sign a document which may badly affect your business.   If your contract, agreement is written correctly, and its every item is designed to meet your interests and in accordance with applicable law, it is an important factor and a strong argument in the defense of your rights and legitimate interests.

We offer:

- Legal support in negotiations, analysis of the conditions of the contract, the alleged liability, and your risks;

- Legal assistance in legal analysis of the essential aspects of the transaction, the development of terms of the contract;

- Review of the contracts, agreements for tax risks;

- Legal services for drafting contracts, agreements, contracts in any area of ​​civil law, as well as economic relations, as well as the preparation of the supplementary agreements.