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Employment / International assignment arrangements

An important corporate legal and reputational risk for global employers is ensuring they and their employees are aware of and comply with local filing requirements. A successful international assignment programme requires organisations to strike a balance between competitive compensation and cost control, always taking care to have effective policies and procedures. We may be next to you in this complex challenge. The consultation and assistance may include:

  • Assignee tax support - pre assignment consultation on tax and legal issues, tax benefits and exemptions,  pre departure consultation on finalization of legal and tax compliance by the assignee.
  • Compensation management - we may assist the home and host entity and the assignee to devolp adequate and tax effective compensation structure for the assignment, cost allocation/cost recharge mechanisms.
  • Consultation on stock option plans;
  • Consultation on social security duties and compliance in Russia 
  • We provide immigration advice and solutions for the assignees.