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Tax Support in Russia

Tax Support in Russia

Tax legislation of the Russian Federation is big and ambiguous and due it is young it is constantly updated and changed. In addition, regulations often do not contain direct answers to specific questions, and even contradict each other, depending on the interpretation and conditions of use.

How to achieve a balance between awareness and execution of current tasks?

We are always ready:

  • Provide information on the latest developments in the field of Russian taxation and to analyze its impact on your company;
  • Recommend how to reflect a particular operation in accounting in order to optimize taxation. Offer an alternative contractual relationships scheme participants in the transaction, more attractive from a tax perspective.
  • Determine the possibility of using tax incentives when and where possible give comprehensive recommendations on the use of these benefits;
  • Help in choosing the optimal tax regime (tax system) and provide interesting information on how the company of its application;
  • Familiarize with the opinion of the controlling bodies and the development of legislation on all relevant matters to you;
  • Conduct an analysis of the documents executed (contracts, the primary accounting documents and other) or planned to be used by the company with respect to tax risks, and provide specific recommendations to minimize them;
  • Help in filling out tax returns and payments;
  • Assist in pre-trial settlement of tax disputes (including - Legal support tax audits, preparation of objections to tax audit and the preparation of appeals against decisions of the tax authorities).
  • Assist in application of different types of agreement to achieve a business target. I Analyze business contracts for compliance with the business purpose of the transaction and the provisions of the legislation of the Russian Federation, including the tax, and if necessary - will develop recommendations for adjustments and / or supplement the provisions of the contract;
  • Develop patterns of activity within a group of related persons for the given parameters, namely, offer recommendations to build contractual relationships with contractors, the order of documents and forms required documents (contracts, the primary accounting documents, etc.).

  I adhere the following principles in the provision of services:

  1. the principle of legality (the definition of the legal risks and tax burdenof the enterprise in accordance with the actual results of operations, development and application of schemes and ways to reduce the legal risks and tax burden only on legal grounds);
  2. the principle of efficiency (real-time monitoring of changes in the laws by using its results in the implementation of tax planning);
  3. optimality principle (definition of the feasibility of a tax optimization measures in specific economic conditions. Reducing tax liabilities should not be an end in itself and cause damage to the company's strategic objectives and the interests of its owners.).

Overview of the Russian Tax System